in thermal imaging

Do you think that your thermal imaging analysis software is insufficient? We will help you because we already provided our consulting services to companies from several countries. At SENSE Software, we know how to create tailor-made solutions.

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A new dimension in thermal imaging

Examples of specialist functions that we have provided to our clients:

Industrial thermovision automation with a choice of triggers and alarms

Custom thermal image visualizations in 3D

Synchronized recording of several streams with thermal data

Modification of the thermal stream in real-time and transmission via the internet

This is how we help

We know how to create software for various industries because more than 100 companies already use our products. Check out examples of problems we help to solve for our partners:

Medical sector

  • real-time body temperature measurement with detection and tracking of minimum/maximum value
  • monitoring the symptoms of inflammation at elevated body temperature
  • recording of thermal imaging sequences
  • running the module to view the changes taking place over time


  • improved detection of energy loss through leaking windows, doors, etc.
  • audit of pipes in heating installations
  • locating faults or damages

Industrial automation

  • improved monitoring of production processes, thanks to advanced reporting capabilities
  • use of AI in products faults detection
  • real-time tracking of objects in both thermal and visual streams

Energy industry

  • detection automation of heating/cooling problems in energy production plants
  • predictive maintenance improvement by its automation and better workflow
  • accelerated control of photovoltaic and wind installations
  • providing a comprehensive Operation&Maintenance (O&M) solution to detect potential faults

Petroleum industry

  • providing solutions for leakage detection in oil/gas pipelines
  • automation of reports carried out during industrial plants inspections

What are your needs?

These are, of course, only selected functionalities of SENSE software that we can integrate for you. To discuss additional ones, please write to us We will get to know your problem and then make an appointment to learn more about the solutions you would like to introduce.

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