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Successful thermal imaging inspection requires more than just high-end equipment. It is also software that will allow you to edit the obtained image and analyze it thoroughly. If you want to take your diagnostics to the next level, we know how to help you because we cooperate with many industries.
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Industries that
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Inspection of insulation quality, location of heat loss spots, analysis of energy requirements.

Aerial inspections

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or aircrafts with mounted cameras responsible for inspections of among others; crops, solar panels and heating systems.


Production line operation monitoring, equipment temperature optimization, failure detection.


Body temperature examination, non-invasive monitoring of the skin surface, diagnostics of certain diseases.

Our products


Editing thermal images and video:

  • no need to edit individual photos manually
  • processing more than 50 images per minute
  • dozens of features in the image editor
  • 20 languages and 12 months of free updates
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SENSE Reporting

Create thermal reports:

  • custom or ready-made report template
  • generating up to 100 report pages per minute
  • option to edit thermal images in the document
  • 20 languages and 12 months of free updates
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Thermal imaging software is our speciality. We will adjust the solution to your industry needs and specification. Contact us, and we will prepare a preliminary valuation.

Customers about SENSE Software

It was a good idea to start using SENSE Batch. I don't have to edit every thermal image manually anymore, so I also gained more time to work with new clients.

Sally, solar panels inspector

The combination of SENSE Collect and SENSE Reporting has changed the way I work. Finally, I can create reports with maps and fully configurable templates.

Daria, drones operator

Our story

Jacek Pawełczyk, CEO + CTO:

Thermal Imaging has been our speciality for over seven years. We have been gaining experience first by cooperating with the industry leader FLIR Systems, and since 2018 we have also been operating under our SENSE Software brand. Already in 2019, we co-created international projects in Sweden, France and Great Britain, and now our software is also sold in, among others, North America and Asia. Knowledge of different markets and industries allows us to design tailor-made solutions.

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Our advice

Intelligent system for recognizing defects in photovoltaic modules using thermal imaging

SENSE SOFTWARE Sp. z o.o. received co-financing from European Funds in the amount of: PLN 5,019,419.93 for the implementation of the project „Intelligent system for recognizing defects in photovoltaic modules using thermal imaging”.

The aim of the project is to develop a product innovation on an international scale in the form of an intelligent IT tool for automatic analysis of thermal images in order to detect anomalies in solar panels based on ML algorithms.

The result of the project will be a product innovation on an international scale, in the form of a new product, i.e. an integrated platform offering the service of automatic detection of solar panels faults based on thermograms using proprietary convolutional neural network algorithms.

Total project value: PLN 6,692,319.78.

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